September 14, 2015

Services Provision

Services Provision

Type and Role of Staff

The Supportive In-Home Program of Community Direct Services is designed to serve adults diagnosed with mental retardation and need support and supervision in order to maintain a chosen lifestyle in the community.

Services to be offered consist of skills training, assistance and support in the following areas:

  • Self-care: Eating, bathing, grooming, toileting, brushing teeth, dressing appropriately etc.
  • Community integration: Assistance with shopping, going to appointments with doctors, psychiatrists etc.
  • Medication Administration/Medical Equipment: Identifying medications and time to administer, carHg for medical devices (syringes, wheelchairs, etc.), monitoring diabetes etc.
  • Communication: Using and recognizing signs, using communication device etc.
  • Safety Skills: Fire drills, emergencies in the home, calling 911 etc.
  • Social Skills: Conflict resolution, appropriate interaction etc.
  • Community Living: Budgeting finances, paying bills, banking, locating housing, pet care, transportation, self- advocacy etc.

Supervision will be provided primarily in an individual’ home that will enable the individual to acquire, improve, or maintain the health status and functional skills necessary to live in the community. Emphasis should be on a person-centered approach that empowers and supports each individual in developing his or her own lifestyle.