July 18, 2015

Sponsored Residential Placement Services

Sponsored Residential Placement Services?


Sponsored residential placement services are an alternative to the typical group home setting. Sponsored residential placement services are often compared to adult foster care in that it provides an opportunity for an individual to live with a private family or single caregiver instead of a home with other residents. Caregivers are hired and trained through agencies that are licensed by the state. These caregivers or “sponsors” provide all of the direct care just as the staff in the group home. Sponsors also have the flexibility of providing more one-on-one attention and more opportunities for community integration.

The sponsored residential setting provides an opportunity for more 1:1 interaction and training with staff.

The sponsored residential program does have its limitations. Sponsor homes face the same regulations as group homes. They have to be approved by the fire marshal and the state licensure department. Personal homes may not be approved if they are not up to code.

The sponsor has to be able to complete documentation as if they were staff in a group home. A case manager with the sponsoring agency can assist with this documentation. This can be a difficult transition for families not use to documenting everything they do throughout the course of a day.

The sponsored residential program is not appropriate for everyone. Some family members start the program but later realize it was just too much work. Keep in mind this is a 24 hour a day job. Some situations call for a more structured environment due to certain behavioral and medical needs.

Group homes and sponsored residential services provide a vital service for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These services allow people with special needs to enjoy the same freedom to live in a normal neighborhood and community just like the rest of society. Unfortunately, institutions are the only option in some situations. However, more people are enjoying life in the community because of these community –based programs.

Individuals desiring a smaller residential family setting would benefit from this program. This program is designed to serve adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities who need support and supervision in order to maintain a preferred lifestyle in the community, ensure continuity of care and to improve their quality of life. Services are provided in a single family home by residential sponsors to no more than 2 individuals. The number of occupants (sponsor, spouse, children, relatives and individuals) cannot exceed 7 (seven).

CDS serves as the licensed provider for couples or singles wanting to participate as sponsors. CDS provides technical support, supervises and monitors the financial and program components.

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